Updates vom 13.7. bis zum 19.7

Neue Woche, neue Updates. Dieses Mal mit dabei:

7 Days To Die - Logo 2 (klein)7 Days To Die

Alpha 12.2 Hotfix


  • Added wrench schematic item, art and integrated into common book loot
  • Added new first person rock throw animation
  • Added Iron, Steel and exploding Crossbow bolts.
  • Added exploding crossbow bolt schematics.
  • Added Crossbow schematic which is found in common book loot.
  • Added exploding crossbow bolt schematic which is found in rare book loot.


  • Changed all parts can be obtained now when breaking apart bullets
  • Changed Change “Press Enter to join the world” to “Press any key to begin”
  • Changed Flashlights to not have negative shadows or black dots
  • Crossbows are no longer a default craft.
  • Changed Increased first time crafting bonus of XP given for gun and ammo crafting of bullets and shells. Removed XP given for additional ammo crafted, since it can be taken apart and put back together for free.
  • Changed desert spectrums; more blue at night and a tan colored fog during day
  • Changed increased rain/water effect on sloped surfaces
  • Changed Sound spam and lag when crafting more items at once


  • Fixed High reflections on falling tree
  • Fixed Weather control is turned back off when changing games
  • Fixed Tree falling insides are no longer invisible *(partial fix for the issue – best fix would be to add a cap to the bottom of trees but this is not possible yet with speed tree)
  • Fixed Loottimer reappearing when opening chat and closing it (with esc) while in an opened lootcontainer
  • Fixed Ammo dupe with simple right clicking on the output window
  • Fixed FreeCameraMove + reload button force reload dupes ammo
  • Fixed Various issues with the crafting grid’s visual behavior and ammo dismantling
  • Fixed Removing an ingredient during crafting doesn’t reset the crafting timer
  • Fixed FPS drop when crafting more than 200 items
  • Fixed Crafting grid dupe as shown on the forums
  • Fixed killer tree saplings
  • Fixed Trap A Zombie With Wood Frame
  • Fixed Campfire/torch fire animation is off
  • Fixed Flashlight Icons Missing From The Gun Crafting Grid
  • Fixed console doesn’t work with map open
  • Fixed  memory hogs on mp games
  • Fixed  Bullet icon turns into 762 rounds icon
  • Fixed Added missing pistol grip to Loot
  • Fixed Crafted items need to be put into inventory if there is space
  • Fixed Auger crafting time differs from the preview
  • Fixed Revamped the crafting logic which improved the overall performance and smoothness, things like sound spam and “the rubberbanding effect” are gone
  • Fixed Crafted item not outputting to slot 8
  • Fixed Another Ammo dupe from the forums (for weapons with alternate ammo)
  • Fixed Fixed massive amount of crafting output when having the inventory closed for a long time
  • Fixed Bullet dupe on right click in the output window using the split function
  • Fixed make crafting window show anomalous output figures
  • Fixed Bullet component duping while dismantling with rightclick and split
  • Fixed stacked item with no right click option to split stack (report from forum)
  • Fixed Camp fire dupe exploit
  • Fixed Minibike gets stuck/slower in gore blocks
  • Fixed Too many chunks in cache when dedicated server is empty
  • Fixed weapons being rendered in front of other objects
  • Fixed weapon offsets on other players in multi player

Alpha 12.3 Hotfix


  • Added land claim recipe using 9 steel ingots, and removed broken tungsten old legacy recipe
  • Added steel arrow-heads as a rare loot drop in junk
  • Added iron log spikes with scrap iron that deal more damage and last longer.


  • Changed fat zombie cop loot to use ammo loot group instead of hard coded to drop the same thing
  • Changed projectiles can pass through metal bars
  • Changed damage/spike class improvement
  • Changed Duct tape can no longer be scrapped into cloth.
  • Changed spike logs take damage when they deal damage. Wood log spikes can be upgraded to scrap
  • Changed increased the weight of cloth to reduce xp exploit from bandages to cloth to bandages
  • Changed removed legacy stone recipes made from old depreciated rocks


  • Fixed multiplayer world weather not getting saved
  • Fixed cars show their paint color again
  • Fixed broken bullet crafting and other things with instant craft
  • Fixed auger crafting time differs from the preview
  • Fixed removed duplicate recipes from xml.
  • Fixed removed duplicate animal spawn entry
  • Fixed winter evergreen fall code in xml
  • Fixed added quality range to crossbow
  • Fixed upgrade doesn’t support these rotations
  • Fixed pickable Items dropped to the ground if backpack and toolbelt are full
  • Fixed nerfed wood log spike damage
  • Fixed sniper rifle shoots through the walls
  • Fixed airdrops & crates from disappearing
  • Fixed cars showing as black sometimes (fix part 2)
  • Fixed bullets can no longer shoot through cobblestone
  • Fixed removed old tungsten ingot mold from recipes
  • Fixed mining light comes from players feet + Mining light does not update across client/server
  • Fixed craft xp gain broken
  • Fixed SP pause screen exploit (open and interactable backpack while game is paused)
  • Fixed trick the craft timer exploit
  • Fixed firearm recipes always show in the available green and misbehave without all parts
  • Fixed campfire eats last item required item for a new recipe, IF something is left in the output window
  • Fixed Duplicate/Flickering Names On Screen
  • Fixed bedroll disappears when placed on weeds in certain biomes
  • Fixed Azalea Bushes Have Black Leaves When Hit/Broken
  • Fixed unable to start a game after a failed attempt to connect to a server
  • Fixed unable to Scrap/repair any item !
  • Fixed an old bug where the scrapping timer would be longer than it should and the crafting progress bar would start delayed

colortone logoColortone

Update 2.0.1

– Added a new level.
– Added colorblind mode.

– Fixed lasers.
– Fixed stuck objects.
– Fixed movement.

darkest dungeon logoDarkest Dungeon

Hotfix 16. Juli

  • monsters get crit bonus with increasing darkness
  • fix to sanitarium strings
  • fix to [q] and [e] selection while camping.
  • houndmaster z sorting
  • updated animation in quest complete sequence
  • audio debug output reformatting
  • FMOD Errors show up by default.
  • fix to skill doubling effects when exiting out to main menu
  • misc small fixes


Dungeon Souls - Logo 1
Dungeon Souls

Update #2

• A new class added!
• Added Mark counter on the HUD
• Added new information in the Status Screen (work in progress)
• Items‘ outline is now color coded
• Added effect when standing on blood when you have Zombie Tooth
• Game Over screen now shows who killed you
• Buffed Barbarian and Warrior
• Melee characters should now have longer reach
• Changed Warrior’s third ability
• Items can now be automatically picked except on the shop
• More visible skill highlight
• Abilities can now be cast using “Q” for second abilities and “E” for third abilities (Keys can be changed in the Options menu)
• Removed Red Devil’s contact damage
• Bosses should not take too long to kill
• Thorn traps in the sewers has less damage and can now be destroyed
• Melee classes has stronger knockback on start
• Changed Wizard’s attack damage to 3 x 3 fireballs
• Wizard’s Hell of Fire should not all be critical when you have no bonus damage
• Boulders should now hurt hero that much
• Change how Molotov burn enemies
• Boulder Traps are marked
• Zombie Tooth can heal hero 5 per 3 seconds
• Reduced damage of Arrow trap
• Changed how rare chests spawn in the game (especially gold and metal chests)
• Slingshot’s scatter shot now deals (10% of character attack damage) x (number of Slingshot Item)
• Spikeball now deals (20% of character attack damage) x (number of Spikeball Item )
• Eyeball now deals (15% of character attack damage) x (number of Eyeball Item )
• Rocket now deals (50% of character attack damage) x (number of Rocket Item )
• Reworked leveling up system
• Improved item radius when picking up
• Changed the position of the map (Toggled by „M“ [default])
• Pick Axe can now give hero +2 damage and critical chance
• Increased Shout of Rage and Axe Throw cooldown
• View ability details when hovered

und gleich danach noch ein kleines Bugfix-Update

Update 2.5

– Fixed the bug when picking up compass
– Fixed the bug after death
– You can skip the logo again by clicking on the screen
– Changed the difficulty (experimental)

Logo_FracturedSpace_MediumFractured Space

Hotfix 15. July 2015

– Fix for randomly not being able to activate abilities (lasting until respawn).

– Set proximity mine systems (Ranger and Frigate) to be classed as weapons instead of abilities (meaning they will be disabled by Disarm abilities).

– Fixed Frigate and Ranger proximity mine collision blocking ships.


kingdom wars 2 battles logoKingdom Wars 2: Battles

Update: Zombies, Traders, Guilding & Ranking

-Researching technologies now takes time
-Huge improvement to online multiplayer performance and latency
-Fixed units being able to pass through Palisade gates
-Added player ranking, sort by game type, or race – WIP
-Added player trading, place and accept offers – WIP
-Added basic Guilds features – WIP
-Guilds add daily items
-Archers are much better at hitting their targets
-General chat flashes with activity in the main menu
-Made it much easier to find players for PvP games
-Players searching for games add Chat entry
-Wild fire feature is back from KW2B, spreads well
-Max zoom in is much lower now
-Battle Tab only shows if you’re in Battle
-Fixed various broken Steam Achievements
-Goblin hitpoints and attack decreased 20%-35%
-Goblin Tent price, and spawn time increased 35%-50%
-Zombies spawn twice as much
-Zombies are twice as strong
-Zombie fire vulnerability implemented
-Zombies catch fire from everything and spread to each other

Nosgoth logo 3Nosgoth

Patch Notes – 16. Juli 2015

  • The End Of Match scoring has been updated, so that a game will now end once you reach the guaranteed win point. This is a new change, based on suggestions we’ve been receiving from players, but we’d love to get feedback on this from you. Please post in this thread[forums.eu.square-enix.com] to share your thoughts/experience once you’ve tried this out.
  • Updated end of match rewards screen


  • The „Reconnect“ option is now available, allowing you to connect to a match you were disconnected from
  • Improved startup times for the game client
  • The Loading Screen images have been updated


  • New videos​ are shown in the store showcasing more abilities

Putrefaction loo

Steam Achievements & Fixes

  • Steam achievements added. Right now there are 7 achievements, but more will be added soon!
  • A lot of fixes and improvements of graphics, options and AI.

Space Engineers LogoSpace Engineers

Update 01.091

– large bug fixes
– more ownership/faction options in scenario edit mode
– option to play video at the scenario start/condition triggered
– option to load another map based on a triggered condition (in offline/single-player mode missions only)
– option to view scenario progress/rules („U“ key)
– new med-bay setting: assign to faction when player spawns
– world option: player starts in respawn screen

– fixed crash when turrets were tracking a target
– fixed recharge time not calculated correctly on DS
– added recharge ON/OFF action for jump drive
– fixed conveyor system ignoring sorter block
– fixed right click on a completed block gives error
– fixed cargo containers not transmitting inertia to the contents upon destruction
– fixed remote control and freelook conflict
– fixed no thruster sounds
– fixed cannot click X in blueprint search
– fixed hand drill taking up too much volume space in the inventory
– fixed placing armor corner 2x1x1 tip glitch
– fixed speed on HUD updating too frequently
– fixed gravity generator slider inconsistency
– fixed dedicated server console not remembering settings
– fixed GPS locations jump back to the top
– fixed turrets crashing server when being welded
– fixed interior lights color issues
– fixed auto-healing working even after disabled
– fixed conveyor system ignoring sorter block
– fixed small advanced rotor part name
– fixed merge block are disconnected after owner change
– fixed hand tools can be transferred trough small conveyors

community changes by tyrsis:
– Allows mods to be notified when damage occurs to various entities (blocks, ships, characters, etc), and also allow mods to modify or even nullify that damage. It even stops deformation. This gives a lot of power to mods to modify damage as it comes in. Following these events can be found in MyAPIGateway.Session.DamageSystem interface.
– Allows mods to move clients to different multiplayer servers. – ( MyAPIGateway.Multiplayer.JoinServer() )

Community fix by joemorin:
– Fixed ammo being consumed by multiple clients for the same gun (multiplayer ammo bug)

EDIT 07/17/2015
Update 01.091.011

– fixed infinite welding
– fixed crash – Game.Entities.Character.MyCharacter.PlayFallSound
– fixed Scenario 02 crash when playing under different localization
– fixed added null checks for steam service


the forest logo 2The Forest

Update v0.20

Mit diesem Patch wurden einige neue Waffen und zerbrechbare Objekte sowie eine neue deformierte Kreatur eingeführt. Außerdem wurde Der Kampf in Höhlen verbessert und noch ein wenig am Höhlen-Layout und -Look geschraubt . Einige Multiplayer-Probleme wurden, Audio wurde verbessert, neue Spieleranimationen plus Speerwerfen wurden hinzugefügt und Speere lassen sich nun upgraden.

Die kompletten Patchnotes (die für diesen Beitrag viel zu lang wären) findet ihr hier.

Update v0.20b

Und heute ein kleiner Hotfix, der die folgenden Dinge repariert:

  • Fixed raft not working in single player!
  • (multiplayer)Fixed an issue that could cause abnormally long save times or crash game
  • (multiplayer)Fixed error where thrown bombs would spam errors and lower framerate for host/client
  • (multiplayer)Fixed bug in mutant a.i. where half of the enemies would stop finding player after exiting a cave
  • (multiplayer)Fixed issues with building on top of platforms which could break mp completely or just not work
  • (multiplayer)Fixed possible drastic performance drop if player was cold as host and loaded a saved game (possibly only relating to 0.19 saves)
  • (multiplayer) fixed an issue where half-built bridges would not properly replicate to clients
  • (multiplayer) fixed an issue where if you attached a bridge to a tree platform, neither of them would replicate out to clients after loading a save
  • (multiplayer) fixed two smaller issues with large traps and standing fire pits on client/server
  • Possible fix for issues with logs not visible in lod sled or log holder for older save games (not able to reproduce here, let us know if its still happening)
  • Fixed batteries in suitcases having torch icon
  • Fixed suitcase spawned items not visible always (folded jumpers, batteries etc)
  • Fixed regular spear turning into upgraded spear when thrown and picked up again
  • Fixed bug where it wasn’t possible to pull out lighter (or other left hand item) when carrying a log

The Repopulation Logo 1The Repopulation

Update 15.6.1

Dieses Update fokussiert sich vor allem auf das Tutorial. Das Tutorial hat die Spieler bisher zu unvorbereitet in die Welt geschickt, sodass viele danach nicht wussten, was sie tun konnten oder sollten, gerade auch weil The Repopulation ein Open-World-/Sandbox-Spiel ist. Mit dem neuen Tutorial, das wahlweise schnell absolvierbar sein soll oder aber in viele Details einführt, je nach Bedarf des Spielers, findet in einem größeren Außenareal statt.

Die Patchnotes sind unheimlich lang. Es wurden u. a. Änderungen an den Items, der Grafik, dem Auktionshaus, an Sounds und Minigames gemacht, haufenweise Missionen und NPCs verbessert bzw. angepasst, Pets bearbeitet und und und.

Die kompletten Patchnotes könnt ihr hier lesen.

Victor Vran LogoVictor Vran

Update July 16th (Bounties and Treasure Hunts)

  • New shareable items: Bounties and Treasure Hunts
  • New Power Stones: Divinity and Wickedness
  • New Common and Rare variants of the Wildcard
  • New Wicked effect: reduce the duration of negative conditions
  • Added new options to sort items in the inventory
  • Legendary colorization is now visible in character and inventory pictures
  • Special visual effect for Divine and Wicked cards
  • Vigilante’s Outfit now grants 10% critical chance
  • Vanguard’s Outfit now grants 40 armor penetration
  • Hammer Crush attack gets 100 armor penetration when fully channeled
  • Executioner destiny card made stronger
  • Rebalanced the Devil Destiny Card and Wicked Destiny modifiers
  • Vengeance legendary scythe – special effect made stronger
  • The Cannon legendary card grants Might instead of Brutality
  • Rebalanced final boss fight
  • Bottomless Pit – fixed an issue with respawning in multiplayer
  • More dye drops
  • Better Gift Box rewards from renown levels
  • Well of Worlds boss fight now properly resets on death
  • Wa-Lee drops loot as intended
  • Elite challenges for kills with Brutality now work properly
  • Overdrive Orbs from the Dark Pact legendary scythe grant significantly more overdrive
  • Essence of Plague now scales properly for high level characters
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