Updates vom 1.7. bis 12.7.

Updates 1-7 bis 12-7

Letzte Woche ging es hoch her mit Updates. Endlich ein neues, dickes Update zu 7 Days To Die, der große Content-Patch zu Victor Vran sowie der erste Content-Patch zu Unveil. Einige dieser Patches ziehe ich noch mit in diese Woche, damit sie nicht untergehen. Deshalb hier die Updates vom 1.7. bis 12.7. Ich bin gespannt, was diese Woche noch zu bieten hat :)


Aktuelle Updates:

7 Days To Die - Logo 2 (klein)7 Days to Die

Nach langer Zeit endlich wieder ein dicker Patch. Unter anderem wurde der Random World Generator verbessert, sodass Straßen jetzt deutlich „natürlicher“ verlaufen, mehr einzelne Häuser an den Straßen stehen und vor allem die Übergänge zwischen den Biomen nicht mehr aussehen wie am Reißbrett.

Weitere Neuerungen:

  • Bären! Sind groß, gemein und böse, und sie greifen auch Zombies an
  • Ein baubares Minibike!
  • Neues Himmel- und Wettersystem. Überzeugt mich bisher allerdings noch nicht so (sieht v. a. komisch aus, wenn mitten in der Höhle sich die helle Skybox in der Sonnenbrille vom Mitspieler spiegelt.)
  • Bessere weil natürliche Terrain-Generierung, v. a. bzgl. Berge/Hügel
  • Neues Munitionssystem, durch das ihr einige Waffen mit unterschiedlichen Munitionsarten laden könnt
  • Neue Grafikoptionen
  • Rechtsklickmenü, mit dem man craften, Gegenstände nehmen usw. kann
  • Diverse neue Rezepte und Gebäude
  • und noch einige andere Dinge

Leider haben sich auch einige Bugs eingeschlichen. Ab und an ploppt bei mir die Konsole auf und beschwert sich, dass irgendein Array leer ist, manche Gebäude schweben in der Luft und andere Kleinigkeiten. Aber ich baue mal drauf, dass da bald nachgepatcht wird.


Alpha Hotfix 12.1 ist rausgekommen und soll einige Bugs beheben und hat noch weitere Änderungen. Die Patchnotes findet ihr hier.

Die kompletten Patch Notes findet ihr hier.

Grav logoGRAV

Patch 19.2 independence day madness


  • New Titles added to the game; Skull Collector Set. In PVE, kill bosses of the appropriate levels. Kill enough bosses and you will earn the SKULL HAT. In PVP, kill players! Kill enough Unique Players and you will earn the DIAMOND SKULL HAT!
  • Sounds added to fireworks!
  • Better message for when you cannot harvest a resource due to your rank being too low.
    -SHOUTOUT: The D
  • More Starter Tutorials!
  • WeiWei found some fireworks and will randomly shoot them off!
  • A number of spelling, grammar, and consistency improving text changes.
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Use Damage Stim is now Keybindable.
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Use Invis Stim is now Keybindable.
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Eat The Best Ration is now Keybindable. It will try and eat the best ration you have based on your current stamina.
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Keybinds for WearSelectedGearSet 0-5 Indexes
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty


  • Doom Buggy drops at the same rate as the Centurion Tank.
    -SHOUTOUT: Effe
  • Fireworks drop rates increased for the 4th of july weekend!!
  • Reduced the health of higher level mobs to make them not so bullet spongey.
  • Reduced the upgrade cost of the PlayerSkill: Movement Speed
  • Increased spawn chance for Flying Bug Bosses
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Increased spawn chance for Flying Bug Bosses
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Gem Armor: Now protects you in Extreme Low Oxygen Environmental Hazards
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Element-X Armor: Now protects you in Extreme Radiation Environmental Hazards
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty


  • Fix laser fences which turn off for friendlies never turning back on again until manually switched.
  • Fixed using stargates between exo-planets.
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Fixed having seen tons of items resulting in items not showing up in the inventory.
    -SHOUTOUT: Rusty
  • Fixed vehicles falling through buildings in some circumstances.
    -SHOUTOUT: Klipwc
  • Fixed collision with balconies vs vehicles.
    -SHOUTOUT: Klipwc and Rusticide
  • Fixed another case of very large bases causing excessive server lag in some circumstances.
  • Fixed tanks main gun fire effects playing twice.
  • Fixed parked vehicles allowing players to get in them that should not have been allowed to do so.
  • Adjusted how the Return Portal picks its spawn location.
    -SHOUTOUT: Red Eagle LXIX
  • Fixed Guardians not dropping fireworks
    -SHOUTOUT: Klipwc
  • Fix monsters walking through base walls, and large rocks.
  • Fix not being able to invite someone to your FoF group if you’re both in the default FoF group.

Heroes and Generals Logo_BlackHeroes & Generals

Walker update

Neue Features:

  • Neue Scopes
  • StG44 und M1/M2 Carbine
  • Karte „Factory“ wurde überarbeitet
  • Neues Balancing für Fahrzeuge
  • Neue Abzeichen

Weitere Änderungen:

  • Nachladezeit wurde angepasst
  • AA-Kanonen wurden angepasst für höhere Effektivität
  • Supply Crate wurde in Health und Ammo aufgeteilt
  • Tanker wurde auf Rang 5, Pilot wurde auf Rang 6 verschoben
  • Tier 2 wird auf Rang 5 freigeschaltet
  • Anti-Cheat-Updates

Weitere Änderungen findet Ihr im Forum-Post.



Oil Enterprise LogoOil Enterprise

Build EA9

  • Finally implemented a bunch of achievements. More to come!
  • Achievements are also displayed with jingle and screen ingame (additionally to the usual Steam notification)
  • Starting a free game now allows for choosing the starting position on the world map instead of a mere region selection
  • The company logo is now displayed on owned fields in the region view window (world map)
  • Reworked the colors of the oilfield dots on the region view window
  • Depth of Field is now deactivateable
  • The laptop (newsletter) now only closes with the „X“ on the top right corner to prevent „clicking it away“
  • Removing obstacles now shows an „under construction“ icon
  • Improved position of the tooltip (mousepointer covered the first letters)
  • Added Keys for selecting the gamespeed directly (default at 0,1,2 on the main keyboard)
  • Replaced Hector image in event message window that was too wide
  • Fixed regionally restricted events that were able to appear on every field worldwide
  • Fixed a bug preventing to switch from worldmap to oilfield
  • Most probably fixed not being able to save anymore. At least I couldn’t reproduce it any longer
  • Reworked daily logistics calculation to respect logistics event modifiers
  • Fixed bank warnings not respecting cost modifiers
  • Fixed contract ranges for new contracts
  • Fixed enterprise logo being saved per field (and allowing to be different for each of them)
  • Fixed some typos and missing translations

There are some known issues with the current build:

  • The feature „oilfields have limited reserve“ doesn’t work, you can extract oil indefnitely
  • The „stats“ values (total oil extracted, total contracts fulfilled) don’t get saved on steam, for reasons unknown. I’m on it, but didn’t want to further delay the update for this. The value is still tracked correctly for a single game session, so the „lower“ achievements should be doable, but getting 100k contracts fulfilled in a single session (no loading allowed ;)) WILL be a challenge :)
  • Enterprise trade accounts sometimes seems to show wrong values or none at all

maxresdefaultShark Attack Deathmatch 2

Major Update – ver 1.0.9

We are excited to launch the much requested CO-OP Survival game mode! It supports all the maps as well as online global Leaderboard support.

Grab a team mate and see if you can survive the shark frenzy!

As this week is Shark Week we will be adding more content over the next few days, including new Achievements, and a brand new Map called Terror of Atlantis!

Since launching a month ago we have added many great features:
– Achievements
– Steam Trading Cards, Emoticons, and Backgrounds
– 3 More Maps for single player Survival Mode
– Xbox One & Xbox 360 joystick support
– Customizable controls
– Improved Performance
– and now CO-OP Survival


Terra Incognita Logo 2Terra Incognita

Terra beta 1.2.4

Please note, when updating to Terra beta 1.2.4 you will need to restart your game, old save files will crash your game. If you’re having any problems doing this, to remove old save files, go to ‚C:\Users\appdata\Roaming\Terra Incognita Beta 1.2‘ and delete the saves manually. Of course, you don’t need to delete the old saves, just don’t load them and play, as soon as you get into a battle the game will crash. You can also just overwrite old saves with new to avoid this issue.


  • Fixed horrid invisible collision, sorry about that guys.
  • Fixed numerous grammatical errors and excessive use of ……
  • Cleaned up the code, this should increase frame rate and reduce any lag/screen tearing.
  • Fixed ‚Integer floating‘ crash.
  • Fixed ‚Stats resetting after load‘ crash
  • Fixed ‚Achievement bug‘ some people not able to get certain achievements.
  • Cleaned up some sloppy animation.
  • Balanced enemy stats, battles aren’t so hard early on now.
  • Fixed Windows 8 start-up freeze.
  • Fixed treasure chest not opening in Wilderness.

New stuff

  • Completely redesigned menus and battle UI.
  • Completely changed the way collision works, you should now slide along edges. Reduced invisible collision.
  • Removed the previous menu options, streamlined menu options.
  • All magia now comes under a single ‚Magia‘ tab in battle.
  • Animated water/lava/fogs.
  • New magia abilities for all characters.
  • New Items/weapons and Gear to find and equip.
  • New achievements.
  • New areas to explore. *More areas will come on a weekly basis from now on.
  • Added scrolls to the game*Please see scrolls announcement for details*
  • Battle system is now faster, with next to NO wait time between turns. Battles are much quicker and not tedious.



Unveil LogoUnveil

Content Patch: Cold Training

  • Scenarios: New Cold Training scenario. Survive 3 days in extreme cold to prove yourself and obtain the Cold Training token.
  • Crafting: Now World Constructions (climbing vines, bridges…) will show all recipes available.
  • Visuals: Now a slight tone adjustment is applied to the screen tone to reflect colder or hotter temperatures.
  • Weather Simulation: Support of Astronomic Sun Angle, affecting both Heat and Photons reception on outdoor maps.
  • System: Applied extra checks while saving to hopefully prevent „Errno::EACCESS – Permission denied” errors.
  • System: Added support for auto-updating already created objects in game with latest item settings and values.
  • Item Inspector: Improved readability of Wearables secondary page.
  • Weareables: Rebalanced Dissipation and Sun Heat reductions.
  • Flora simulation: Fixed issue that would freeze simulation for all flora in the map after four days.
  • Crafting: New presentation of Crafted or Converted items.
  • Items: Added High resolution version of some items.
  • UI: Simulation will now pause while using the Top Menu.
  • Placing items: Now when confirming deployment of item, it will skip the text, and display the correct item name on the top left corner (reported by Cristal).
  • Cooking: Slightly reduced the amount of energy loss of food when cooking it (yes, food looses energy when cooked, it doesn’t gains more).
  • Simulation: Environment now uses Sun Astronomical Light to define the actual Day and Night moments of the day (as opposed to a fixed time).
  • Stability: Solved issue on which the game could crash when going hypothermic.
  • Simulation: Fixed issue on which a Simulation Unit could reincarnate in a map object, even from another map. I am serious.
  • Audio: Fixed issue on which ambient sounds would linger when going from indoor to outdoor and vice-versa.
  • Slicing: Fixed issue that would crash the game when trying to slice an item (reported by DeltaCain and Eversor)
  • Maps: Fixed Free Roam’s east forest map, where spawnables where stuck in queue due to lack of space to appear (reported by Dijinn and Galroche).
  • Scenarios: Now Hot training has a two step objective chain. First will require the player to craft a Conical Leaf Hat, very useful to stand under strong sun rays, also leading to less hydration loss to sweating. Second Objective remains the same: be rescued by Rescue Crew on the third day.


Victor Vran LogoVictor Vran

Update July 8th (PvE and PvP Arenas)

  • The Freakshow – PvP arena, unlocked at level 26
  • The Bottomless Pit – endless randomized PvE battleground, unlocked at level 36
  • Gambling – combine three weapons in Transmutation to create a weapon of the same or better Rarity. Three weapons of the same type will create a rare weapon of the same type or a random legendary.
  • Character playtime now accounts for time spent in interfaces and paused
  • Reduced max duration of Daze. Pull rune can no longer stack massive Daze duration.
  • „of the Wolf“ weapon property now works correctly
  • Vera legendary shotgun now applies vulnerability from split timing correctly
  • Fixed a bug with some challenges displaying „Monster“ instead of the target monster type
  • Resolved a transmutation bug that caused transmutation to sometimes decrease the properties of legendary weapons
  • Fixed several wicked properties that were not applying conditions on crit
  • Fixed a bug that prevented transmuting and improving the level of some weapons


Update July 2nd (Content Complete)

  • Full Story
  • All cutscenes
  • German localization
  • English and German voiceovers
  • New Dungeon: The Shunned Manor
  • New Boss Fight: Lord Gabriel
  • Lots of new Legendary Weapons – double the existing amount
  • New Item: Gift Box
  • Hard Mode: Higher monster difficulty; all 5 Hexes permanently turned on
  • Elite Challenges: A new set of challenges made available after the story has been completed
  • Balanced level rewards; added Gift Boxes in rewards
  • Renown levels grant Gift Boxes as reward
  • Balanced Boss loot
  • Decreased duration of Weakness condition inflicted by some monsters
  • Shotgun damage increased, Aimed Shot damage multiplier increased
  • Lightning Gun damage increased



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