Updates der Woche vom 22.6. bis zum 28.6.2015

Die gesammelten Updates der Woche vom 22.6. bis zum 28.6.2015. Mit dabei: Games of Glory und Darkest Dungeon.



Games of Glory - Group

Games of Glory

Patch 0.4.5


We knew that bots, who are often the first oponents that new players meet, were way too strong for these players. So, we add a difficulty level so that new players can train with AI and have better chances to get the victory. You can now face Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty bots.

“Solo VS bots” games start with Medium difficulty bots. We’ll soon provide a way to set up the bots’ difficulty.
Until then, to play games with Easy bots, please use the game groups!


Tutorials now include Easy bots and more tips for new players.

Patch 0.4.6 (Patch Notes übersetzt hier auf Early Access Games)

Dear Clone controllers,

Our latest patch is officially live! It includes our newest Clone, Junko, the wayward explorer in addition to some global balancing.

For a limited time we will be including Junko free in addition to this weeks regular free Clone rotation. Test her out now while you have the chance!

Read the full patch note here



darkest dungeon logo

Darkest Dungeon

New PC and Mac Build #9172

merc_family_ dirty bombDirty Bomb

Elite Case Login Event 2.0

Last week, we unveiled the Elite Case Login Event. Unfortunately, due to an error that had not been encountered during testing, we needed to cancel the event in order to prevent the issue from affecting Dirty Bomb as a whole.

But- good news! We’ve sorted out the problems and we’re giving it another go! For 24 hours, from 17:00 UTC, Thursday, June 25th to 17:00 UTC, Friday, June 26th, we’re going to be giving away free Elite Cases!

Players that did not receive a free Elite Case during last week’s aborted attempt will receive one during that duration. Additionally, every player that logs in during the event will receive 2 Equipment Cases, as a thank you for your patience in getting these rewards out!

Each Elite Case contains either a Silver, Gold or Cobalt rarity Loadout Card for a random Merc, be it one that you have purchased or one that is still locked. All Loadout Cards from the Elite Cases are guaranteed to have three Augment slots as well, so you’re sure to get a fully loaded Loadout!

Event Duration:
-London (BST, UTC +1:00): 18:00, Thursday, June 25th – 18:00, Friday, June 26th

-Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7:00): 10:00 AM, Thursday, June 25th – 10:00 AM, Friday, June 26th

-Sydney (AEST, UTC +10:00): 3:00 AM, Friday, June 26th – 3:00 AM, Saturday, June 27th

Don’t forget to login and grab your free Elite Case and two Equipment cases!


Road Redemption

June 24 Update

Some graphical improvements and bug fixes



TEAM ORDERS – 0.9.1034


  • Rebalanced Robot-Ranking
  • Introduction of Tutorials
  • 100% sell value on all parts for a week
  • Other robo-shop robots removed
  • Rudder bug ‘improved’
  • Player level progression sped up
  • “Select 10″ function when buying cubes in the cube depot moved from left CTRL to right CTRL [New]


  • There are 3 ping types:
    • “On my way”
    • “Danger”
    • “Go here”
  • HOLD CTRL to bring up the Map and Mouse cursor and enable Pings
  • Click Left Mouse Button in either the world or on the map to place a Ping
  • Click and hold LMB to bring up the ‘Ping Wheel’
  • Hold and drag your mouse to one of the three segments of the Ping Wheel to choose your ping type
  • Release LMB and Ping will be placed
  • Map Pings are also added to the Event Stream
  • There is a Ping cooldown system to prevent Ping spam, Ping cooldowns are indicated on the HUD and the Ping Wheel itself


  • After 5 minutes into the battle a team member can request to surrender
  • Users request a surrender via the Pause Menu in battle
  • Surrendering is a team voting system, users vote by hitting Y or N
  • AFK’ers and disconnected users are automatically regarded as ‘yes’ votes
  • If 2 or more users reply ‘No’ the surrender is denied
  • Users who do not answer the surrender dialogue are regarded as ‘No’ votes
  • Surrendering successfully allows all team members to leave a battle giving the Protonium Reactor explosion and Victory to the other team
  • Surrendering will allow you to leave battle without a penalty (see below)


  • Users who leave battles too often without surrendering or finishing the battle will receive a small queue wait time penalty
  • The penalty is a 2 minute wait before being able to enter the lobby
  • Users who leave battle only once will receive a warning
  • Users who leave battle more than once in five matches will receive this penalty
  • Users who complete 5 battles in a row will clear any warnings they have
  • Warnings and penalties are persistent even if you use Alt+F4 or a different PC
  • Surrendering does not count as ‘leaving’ or ‘disconnecting’, surrendering is the legitimate way to end a battle if you really feel you have no way of winning


  • A completely new screen added to the game showing your Battle Stats
  • This screen can be accessed at any time during battle by pressing and holding TAB
  • This screen will also appear at the end of battle before you head back to the Mothership
  • Kills, Assists, Deaths, Damage, Healed CPU and Score
  • Players can click on the arrow buttons to sort based on each column


  • All maps will now have 3 Towers instead of 4
  • This change is designed to have an odd number of objectives so that one team always owns more than the other
  • This change is also designed to reduce the total number of objectives in battle which should mean more units per objective, i.e. more fighting with each other
  • Battle Sizes in all Tiers have been increased by 1 per team (so 8 in T10 now)
  • Towers are now referred to as the ‘Top’, ‘Middle’, and ‘Bottom’ Towers, Voice Over and HUD has been updated to reflect this
  • Clock Cycle Generator functionality has been combined with the Booster and although it is now simply referred to as the “Clock Cycle Booster” it is providing both CC multiplier and passive CC’s to your team in one Tower


  • Tracer sounds of SMG shots as they whizz past your camera (saving Private Ryan style) [Removed until later]
  • Doppler effect trail sounds of Plasma projectiles as they pass close by


  • We have improved the balance of Robot Ranking to prevent Overtiering of weapons in all Tiers
  • TX weapons are still allowed in T10
  • Since progression through Tiers will be faster as a result of these changes we have reduced the TP rewards slightly, so 1 for a Kill, 5 for a Victory, 3 in Classic Mode
  • We believe this will provide a much more fair level playing field for users progressing from Tier 1 to 10 vs. more experienced players trying out specialized builds in lower Tiers


We have added maximum CPU caps at all Tiers except T10
The caps are:
T1     T2     T3     T4     T5       T6        T7        T8       T9      T10
532   641   750   859   968   1,077   1,185   1,294   1,403   1,511


  • We’ve increased the speed at which you should progress Player Level by around 30%
  • Our stats showed that on average users reached T10 at about level 50, but our aim is for you to be getting closer to Level 90 by T10 so you have an appropriate CPU level to compete
  • Premium still doubles the speed at which you Level Up as before


  • At Tiers 6-10 there are now minimum Armor Class requirements
  • To enter Tier 6 your Armor must be at least T5
  • Your armor class is based on the average armor in your Robot, so as long as the majority of your armor is Tier-minus-one or more you will be able to enter battle
  • Megabots can enter battle with Tier-minus-two armor


  • Same stats as T10 Thruster
  • Super cool Carbon 6 styling
  • Nothing looks as cool as this in the entire game


  • New Robots updated to conform to CPU limits and Overtiering changes
  • All Robots now come with Premium, Cubes, Tech Tree Unlocks, and Garage Slot
  • All Robots are now built to be more combat viable
  • Other robo-shop robots have been removed

clockwork empires logo 1

Clockwork Empires

June Update

Our June Update, „THE REACTIVATION OF ASSEMBLAGE 14538“, is now on Steam! Notable changes:

  • Obeliskians! (What are they? Find out for yourself! It might take some digging.)
  • Foreign military units!
  • Massive save/load stability improvements
  • Deathwurm shoving
  • and more!

The full changelog is once again far too mighty to fit within the paltry character limits of a steam announcement! You can find the full thing over on our development blog!

The development progress page has also been updated, with exhaustive notes on the status of the project, as well as even more details on the stuff we included above.

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