GRAV Patch 18 Hotfix

Heute kam ein kleiner Hotfix für den Patch 18 raus. Hier die Patchnotes:


UPDATE: All servers have been updated and are now coming back online

Official servers have been running out of memory and crashing occasionally so we decided to push a hotfix. Good news is several other bug fixes came along for the ride :)

Server memory optimizations
When a tank is not able to be entered because you are not friendly to the other occupant a message will say so.

Reduce drop rates from Drill Platforms.

Fixed base items or rooms built before Patch 18 not correctly giving back resources
-SHOUTOUT: Mister Xiado
Pets no longer are hidden when you are in the Centurion Tank
Localization fixes. More things are correctly localized.
Fix some swords not having effects on them.
Fix Level Up effects not working on clients.
Fix parking vehicles not persisting through server restarts.
Fixed parked vehicles being able to be pushed away from their vehicle factory.
Fixed area totems not being build-able on top of bases in some situations.
Fixed player log not showing owner of items.

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